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Salsa Congress Registration Rules 2015 Eilat Israel


14/5-16/5/2015, 2 nights 3 days


Israeli salsa congress + holy land salsa tour 14/5-20/5/15, 6 nights 7 days\


Registration Form

congress Info & Prices


Regulations of the 13th International Salsa Congress of Israel
14-16 of May, 2015, Eilat

Dear Salsero,
We would like to congratulate you for your registration to the Tenth International Salsa Congress of Israel, brought to you by Latino Del Mondo Productions with participation of the best Latin Dance schools of Israel.
In order for you to achieve the best and enjoy, we would like to remind you some important issues. We ask you to read this page carefully;

Meals Hours
Please note that the Congress has a large number of hotels on various hosting basic: schedule of meals shall be published in the hotels as well as other services that will offer for the guests. Please keep to the schedule published by the hotel.

Hotels room
Please note! The option of accommodation of four is to help the young audience who spends most of his time in various activities, in order to keep the price down, along with it is important to know that the rooms for four will be crowded in proportion, as well as people who wish to be assigned to people strangers to them, it's important to know: many times the bed is a double bed so you will have to share a bed with a stranger.
Consider well your decision because it will not be possible to change the composition of the room at the event and / or to complaint against the hotel and / or organizers

Free drinks
To remove any doubt, all packages include participation at the Congress in accordance with the free drinks, and only in the hotel "Leonardo Club"! Any activity or event that will take place outside the hotel did not include a free drink.

Package price includes participation in workshops, activities and parties (closed to the public). full pass for the Congress party and to workshops will offer in advance only and the sell will end at the latest on 10/05/15. (Production manager reserves the right to open funds during the event and sell tickets).
If due to technical limitations, it is decided to hold two seats of shows, each guest can participate in only one seat in accordance with the setting made by the management of production.
Locations of the parties and various events as well as a list of artists, instructors, bands and DJs are subject to change.

Change and cancellation fees
- Any request to change the original reservation will be charged in - 50 ILS.
- In case of cancellation made by credit card, the credit card company will collect 1.5% regardless of the rest of the cancellation fees - In case of cancellation until 13/04/15 will be charged 100 ILS cancellation fee.
- Cancellation period between 14/04/15 to 28/04/15 will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the package.
- Cancel Registration as of 29/04/15 will be charged a cancellation fee of 100% of the package that was ordered.

Ages of participants
There is no age limit for participation in the congress besides attending parties at night. Entrance to parties Thursday and Friday evenings for young people under 18 conditioned express per their commitment not to drink alcohol!

In order to prevent the entry of foreign to the congress activity, each participant will put a special bracelet of the Congress, on the hand. To remove any doubt and avoid aggravation and arguments please do not remove the bracelet hand during all days of the Congress. Bracelet is the only way to ensure your access and participation in the Congress, as well as one way to protect the security of the congress participants. If for any reason the bracelet will ripped, you can replace it in exchange to the ripped bracelet only. Without displaying the old bracelet you will be charged for the full price of the participation package 900 ILS
Please note that the security personnel of the Congress will not allow entry of people who doesn't have a bracelet.

Personal items
the management congress doesn't responsible for loss, theft or any other damage caused to personal equipment, please be sure to keep your personal belongings! You should not bring valuables.

The exact schedule of the event and workshops will publish at the hotel. In addition, you can keep up to date of the events at the official site: 
Production management reserves the right to change the list of artists taking part in the event, as well as the location of the event.
Production management reserves the right to cancel the event until 14 days after the date set without incident and compensate the registrants were charged over the repayment of financial.

Registration and receipts
Within 48 hours of sending your fax registration, we will send to your cell phone number a message confirming the receipt of fax, this statement does not constitute approval of registration.
If you do not receive the SMS message confirming the receipt of the fax up to 48 hours after posting you MUST contact to the mobile production offices 0523-700214 in order to ascertain whether the form has arrived.
Final registration confirmation received in sms to your mobile phone number and the receipt can be obtained by email or fax.

Absorption Congress
following last year's practice, this year you will receive sms with a serial number which will identify you quickly at your absorption. Message will be sent to your mobile number, pay attention to the serial number, please remember it.
You are also required to bring an identity card to get the bracelet.

Please note! The prices in Eilat at the beginning of the registry day do not include VAT, if the Israeli government will have tax law that will add VAT in Eilat it will be also at the congress package price accordance with the law.
For additional questions and clarifications
Phone For clarification and registration 058-5405050
Faxes after the signature, must be returned to number 03-5329050

Wishing you a successful Congress
The production team

you welcome to call us: +972-58-5405050



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