<% @ Language=VBScript codepage=1255 %> <% Option Explicit %> <% '**************************************************************************************** '** Copyright Notice '** '** Web Wiz Guide - Web Wiz Forums '** '** Copyright 2001-2003 Bruce Corkhill All Rights Reserved. '** '** This program is free software; you can modify (at your own risk) any part of it '** under the terms of the License that accompanies this software and use it both '** privately and commercially. '** '** All copyright notices must remain in tacked in the scripts and the '** outputted HTML. '** '** You may use parts of this program in your own private work, but you may NOT '** redistribute, repackage, or sell the whole or any part of this program even '** if it is modified or reverse engineered in whole or in part without express '** permission from the author. '** '** You may not pass the whole or any part of this application off as your own work. '** '** All links to Web Wiz Guide and powered by logo's must remain unchanged and in place '** and must remain visible when the pages are viewed unless permission is first granted '** by the copyright holder. '** '** This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, '** but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of '** MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR ANY OTHER '** WARRANTIES WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. '** '** You should have received a copy of the License along with this program; '** if not, write to:- Web Wiz Guide, PO Box 4982, Bournemouth, BH8 8XP, United Kingdom. '** '** '** No official support is available for this program but you may post support questions at: - '** http://www.webwizguide.info/forum '** '** Support questions are NOT answered by e-mail ever! '** '** For correspondence or non support questions contact: - '** info@webwizguide.info '** '** or at: - '** '** Web Wiz Guide, PO Box 4982, Bournemouth, BH8 8XP, United Kingdom '** '**************************************************************************************** 'Set the response buffer to true as we maybe redirecting Response.Buffer = True 'Dimension variables Dim rsSelectForum 'Holds the db recordset Dim lngTopicID 'Holds the topic ID number to return to Dim intForumID 'Holds the forum ID number Dim intNewForumID 'Holds the new forum ID if the topic is to be moved Dim strSubject 'Holds the topic subject Dim intTopicPriority 'Holds the priority of the topic Dim blnLockedStatus 'Holds the lock status of the topic Dim strCatName 'Holds the name of the category Dim intCatID 'Holds the ID number of the category Dim strForumName 'Holds the name of the forum to jump to Dim lngFID 'Holds the forum id to jump to Dim lngPollID 'Holds the poll ID Dim lngMovedNum 'Holds the moved number if topic has been moved Dim blnMoved 'Set to true if moved icon is to be shown 'Read in the topic ID number lngTopicID = CLng(Request("TID")) 'If the person is not an admin or a moderator then send them away If lngTopicID = "" Then 'Clean up Set rsCommon = Nothing adoCon.Close Set adoCon = Nothing 'Redirect Response.Redirect("default.asp") End If 'Initliase the SQL query to get the topic details from the database strSQL = "SELECT " & strDbTable & "Topic.* " strSQL = strSQL & "FROM " & strDbTable & "Topic " strSQL = strSQL & "WHERE " & strDbTable & "Topic.Topic_ID = " & lngTopicID & ";" 'Set the cursor type property of the record set to Dynamic so we can navigate through the record set rsCommon.CursorType = 2 'Set the Lock Type for the records so that the record set is only locked when it is updated rsCommon.LockType = 3 'Query the database rsCommon.Open strSQL, adoCon 'If there is a record returened read in the forum ID If NOT rsCommon.EOF Then intForumID = CInt(rsCommon("Forum_ID")) End If 'Call the moderator function and see if the user is a moderator If blnAdmin = False Then blnModerator = isModerator(intForumID, intGroupID) 'If this is a post back then update the database If Request.Form("postBack") Then strSubject = Trim(Mid(Request.Form("subject"), 1, 41)) intTopicPriority = CInt(Request.Form("priority")) blnLockedStatus = CBool(Request.Form("locked")) intNewForumID = CInt(Request.Form("forum")) blnMoved = CBool(Request.Form("moveIco")) 'Get rid of scripting tags in the subject strSubject = removeAllTags(strSubject) strSubject = formatInput(strSubject) 'Update the recordset With rsCommon 'Update the recorset If intNewForumID <> 0 Then .Fields("Forum_ID") = intNewForumID If blnMoved = false Then .Fields("Moved_ID") = 0 ElseIf intNewForumID <> 0 AND intNewForumID <> intForumID AND blnMoved Then .Fields("Moved_ID") = intForumID End If .Fields("Subject") = strSubject .Fields("Priority") = intTopicPriority .Fields("Locked") = blnLockedStatus 'Update db .Update 'Re-run the query as access needs time to catch up .ReQuery 'Update topic and post count updateTopicPostCount(intForumID) End With End If %> ניהול נושא
<% = strTxtTopicAdmin %>

<% 'If there is no topic info returned by the rs then display an error message If rsCommon.EOF OR (blnAdmin = False AND blnModerator = False) OR bannedIP() OR blnActiveMember = False Then 'Close the rs rsCommon.Close Response.Write("
") Response.Write("" & strTxtTopicNotFoundOrAccessDenied & "

") Response.Write("
") 'Else display a form to allow updating of the topic Else 'Read in the topic details intForumID = CInt(rsCommon("Forum_ID")) strSubject = rsCommon("Subject") intTopicPriority = CInt(rsCommon("Priority")) blnLockedStatus = CBool(rsCommon("Locked")) lngPollID = CLng(rsCommon("Poll_ID")) lngMovedNum = CLng(rsCommon("Moved_ID")) 'Close the rs rsCommon.Close %>
<% 'If there is a poll then let the admin moderator edit or delete the poll If lngPollID <> 0 Then %> <% End If %>
*<% = strTxtRequiredFields %>
<% = strTxtSubjectFolder %>*:
<% = strTxtPriority %>:
<% = strTxtLockedTopic %>: />
<% = strTxtMoveTopic %>:
<% = strTxtShowMovedIconInLastForum %>
<% = strTxtPoll %> <% = strTxtDeletePoll %>

<% End If %>
<% = strTxtCloseWindow %>

<% 'Clean up Set rsCommon = Nothing adoCon.Close Set adoCon = Nothing '***** START WARNING - REMOVAL OR MODIFICATION OF THIS CODE WILL VIOLATE THE LICENSE AGREEMENT ****** If blnLCode = True Then If blnTextLinks = True Then Response.Write("Hebrew Translate By Web Wiz Hebrew Forums
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") Response.Write("Powered by Web Wiz Forums version " & strVersion & "") Else Response.Write("Hebrew Translate By Web Wiz Hebrew Forums
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") Response.Write("") End If Response.Write("