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top 10 clubs

Want to go out dancing ?
Want to know where the club is located, what are the days the club is operated,
who is the D.J. and how much dos the admission costs?
Well you have come to the right place. The scene will present all the information you wanted to know on the salsa scenery of Israel.
All the clubs, instructors and other salsa recreation places. The information is organized in a separation between the different cities of Israel, with as much details that we have been able to collect.
Next to each record you will find the last update date to help you know how accurate the information is. We do recommend that in any case before going out dancing, call ahead and check if the details are still correct.
We do our best to update this information but just like in the world the salsa scenery in Israel is rapidly changing and it is almost impossible to have all the information up to date. In case that you find that there is a mistake in one of our records or if you have information on a club or instructor that is not listed here please let us know.

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